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Información, planos y kits de instrumentos músicos, alta fidelidad, óptica, astronomía, relojes, vehículos, casas, mobiliario, maquinaria etc.  
  Renaissance Workshop Company
Historical instruments: finished and in kit form.  
  classical guitar plan Only Plans
Plans of projects that you can make yourself.  
  Bibliography & Bookstore
Selection of 'Do-It-Yourself' and 'How-To' books. Hundreds of books about musical instruments, including instrument making.  
Serigrafía con fines artísticos: obra gráfica, facsímiles, decoración, publicidad...  
  La Gran Oportunidad
Compra y venta de material de taller y laboratorio. Oportunidades de trabajo, negocio e inversión.  
    The Early Music Store
Musical instruments, books, accessories, and music on CD and downloadable, provided by Amazon. Oriented to historic performance.  
    The Music Store
Musical instruments, books, accessories, and music on CD and downloadable, provided by Amazon. Not necessarily early music.  
  Second-Hand marketplace of historical instruments
Service to buyers and sellers of instruments for early music.  


  Academy of Musical Science and Technology
Musical acoustics and musical instrument building courses.  
  Academia de Guitarrería
Escuela de acústica, diseño y construcción de guitarras.  

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  Encyclopaedia of Musical Science and Technology
Collection of theoretic and practical articles on all aspects of the musical acoustics, organology and musical instrument building.  
  Resources on early Music Instruments
Shops, makers, journals, labels, tuning, scales...  
  Guitarras y Vihuelas
Información para el diseño y construcción de los instrumentos de pulso y púa.  
The Viols by RWC  
    Medieval Music & Arts Foundation
Online resources on medieval music edited by Todd M. McComb.  
    Early Music Web Ring
Collection of websites on various topics of medieval, renaissance and baroque music: performance, history, theory...  


Toledo is the cultural centre of Castilla-La Mancha and a wonderful mix of traders, art, music, museums, buildings, culture and gastronomy, making it the perfect destination for a visit.  

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